Our First In-Person Quarterly Staff Meeting was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and envision new ways to work with one another. Below is a summary of feedback staff members shared in response to the event, along with plans for responding to the feedback.  We are also pleased to share photos taken during several of our activities! We look forward to seeing you at our next in-person Quarterly Staff meeting on December 12!


The following summary includes responses to our feedback survey and information from the brainstorming session Renee led at the all staff meeting. This information is incredibly helpful in planning our future all-staff meetings and will also inform topics for upcoming Lunch and Learns. Following the summary, we have listed some concrete steps the Administrative Leadership Team is taking to use this wealth of information you have shared.  

Survey Results

How well did you feel the meeting achieved its objectives in terms of sharing general information and updates about the organization?

  • 86% of responses were positive
  • almost 14% were neutral 

Did you find the activities effective in helping you get to know your colleagues better?

  • 83% said yes
  • 17% said partially 

Were you able to contribute ideas for future meetings during the session dedicated to soliciting ideas?

  • 83% said yes
  • 17% said partially 

In the future, would you like to continue to participate in activities like the scavenger hunt?

  • 70% said yes
  • 20% maybe
  • 10% no 

On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your overall experience of the all-staff meeting?

  • 90% were favorable
  • 10% were neutral.  

Comments and Suggestions

Valuable Aspects

Respondents highlighted that they found group activities, opportunities to connect with colleagues, organizational updates, and the videos particularly valuable and enjoyable. Many expressed gratitude for the efforts put into organizing the meeting and for being part of the Federation. 

Virtual Alternatives

Some suggested that certain team-building activities could be conducted virtually to save time. 

Desire for Inclusivity

There was a strong emphasis on building connections and knowing colleagues better, whether in person or virtually. This was reflected in both platforms.  

Centralized Locations

Some suggested that meetings should be held in more centrally located venues to accommodate staff from different geographic areas. 

Ideas for Improvement

Suggestions for making it easier to share ideas for future meetings included having a suggestion email address, using a form in the portal, and providing prior information about meeting topics. Attendees had various additional comments and feedback, such as suggestions for scheduling, potluck contributions, agenda distribution, and geographical considerations for meeting locations and times. 

Ideas for Topics

There was interest in hearing from FCSN partners like DESE, DCF, and DPH as well as from internal staff about project updates, successes, and future plans. Some suggested sharing more about the Federation’s overall structure, mission, and goals and how the projects and One Federation teams fit together. Respondents also indicated a need for specific skills development around database, accessibility, WordPress, sharing and using the new IEP form, etc. Topics of interest included Family Engagement Best Practices, Early Childhood, Transition, Disability History, Self Care / Work Life Balance, and more. In addition to presentations, Q&A sessions were proposed for sharing some of this information.  

Planned Changes

In terms of how FCSN Leadership will respond to this feedback, we are planning the following changes and refinements:

  1. Detailed agendas will be shared before meetings. To allow for thinking time, the agenda will include any questions or prompts that will be posed to the group. 
  2. Each all-staff meeting will include a social component. Knowing that these activities are not comfortable for everyone, we will clarify when something (like the scavenger hunt) is optional. 
  3. Because the potluck component is loved by many and not enjoyed by others, we will re-institute a fully optional potluck. 
  4. Skills development suggestions will be addressed in Lunch and Learns.
  5. The list of topics and guest speakers will be used to generate upcoming agendas. 
  6. A section of the Service request form will be created for staff to submit ideas for training, activities, and improvements for the all-staff meetings. 
  7. Administrative Leadership will meet to discuss the specific feedback these other items do not address.  

Download all of the charts and comments from the survey (Word)

Seated around a table are Ivelisse, Kendra, Naya, Leslie, Marybeth, and Dannie
Staff listening attentively, in the training room.
Another view of our team, encircling the room!
Team members surrounding our workspace
Team members circle the room, after silently arranging ourselves in alphabetical order
Rebecca and Dannie looking at the scavenger hunt
Rebecca Davis and Vivian Sarna, holding a cup of water
Rosalie Rippey and Ingrid Arvidson standing in front of the river, across the parking lot
Andria Entsinger and Renee Williams standing in front of the break room sink
More small group conversations
About 20 staff members can be seen in the training room, sitting at tables for group discussions.