VOC 24 Information & Marketing Materials

2024 Visions of Community Conference: Where You Matter. March 9, 2024 Tickets on Sale Now! To register, visit fcsn.org/voc

Staff Instructions for VOC

Zoom Background

  • Save this graphic to your files if you’d like to change your Zoom background for meetings you attend this week. All FCSN Zoom accounts will have this background installed by Mahima Gupta. Thanks Mahima!

Phone Banking

  • Please take 1 hour or more to help us make calls to past participants. Email svaldes@fcsn.org if you can help!

Website Links

When you share these via social email, a preview will appear; this is a very direct way to drive traffic to the registration link.

Flyers – Main Event

Social Media Posts to Like and Re-Share

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Flyer as a Graphic

These are really only to be used on WhatsApp and WeChat, or to be inserted into an email when also attaching the PDF. Graphics must always have alt-text, and shouldn’t have this much text. Better choices for other social media such as Facebook are: sharing website links so the preview will show, using the simplified graphics above, or re-sharing posts made from the FCSN account.

Creating Quickbase Reports Pt 1

person working on computer while writing in notebook

All FCSN Users can create reports. Reports can provide valuable information to FCSN, projects, and individual staff members that will help us meet reporting requirements and analyze the effectiveness of our services. This presentation is just the first in a series that will be provided to help staff better understand our database and reveal the  see the impact and importance of accurate data collection.

Part 1:  Reports Overview and Creating a report from the Person Table

Click Here to view the Recording

person working on computer while writing in notebook